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My Favorite Color


My Favorite Color


By Rocky Falleti/ Contributor

Go! is the first body of work from California born, Pittsburgh based, MC, My Favorite Color.  Backed by the bold production of producers Jeremy Rosinger, Dom Pomposelli and Cody Maimone, who collectively make up One800, along with features from Pet Zebra (Ferris Wheel) and Benji (Mimosa), MFC covers plenty of ground and showcases a variety of influence most notably equated to the likes of TDE product Isiah Rashad.  That being said, MFC’s emotions bleed through his flow whether those be hopeful or not, creating a unique and fresh sound in the Pittsburgh scene.

The production quality is extremely polished and is established immediately from track one and One800’s exploration of vocal effects with MFC truly enhances this album and pushes the limits of what a hip hop artist can often bring to the table.   

 The album opens with “Shimmy,” a dreamlike sequence in which the MC is in a state of lust, “I don’t know where you came from, but I’m glad you came.” It’s one of those too good to be true situations you find yourself in at a party or out for the night. As MFC tries to inch his way closer a girl that peaks his interest from across the room.  He imagines what life will be like once they’re together and is hopeful she will be as accepting as he is, “Tell your daddy, sorry but you’re my girl now.”

As the song reaches a close, we are brought to present day as MFC has been reminiscing about how everything began.  Like many songs on this project, the song ends with the MC battling his own thoughts and talking aloud of his shortcomings.

The album then turns to “Bad,” which is arguably the best yet simplest song on the entire project.  By simple, I mean, it works.  The infectious chord progression makes this song what it is.  Lyrically, “Bad,” is an interesting juxtaposition in the content from its predecessor, in this there is a clearer indication of the struggles and shortcomings he faces, whether that be from rejection or self-loath for choices he has made.  “Reminiscing about these lyrics like I never wrote them, but they must mean something if you gon’ quote em/ yeah I made mistakes but this could be the biggest one.” 

But goddamn, does One800 knock that track out of the park and it will be a frequent on playlists to come. 

Go! seems as if it is told in two parts, where Shimmy/ Bad tells the story of what once was for better or for worse, the back half of the album seems to take a dissent into the madness and more cynical side of MFC’s life. 

The last half of the album with songs such as “Dollars” and “TwoFive” highlight MFC’s versatility as a lyricist. At certain points his flow is so effortless, it’s hard to process the fact that this is only his first project.

“Mic check, mic check, do it for the music, ego, talk stupid, sayin’ I’m his influence.”  MFC has the upmost confidence in his skills on the mic and knows when his opportunity comes, he’ll be ready.  

Near the end of Go! is “TwoFive,” a collaboration with fellow Pittsburgh artist Benji.  This is a much darker tone than the majority of the album.  A cautionary tale, MFC structures the song around news clips detailing the murder of a 24-year-old man as MFC puts his own life in retrospect, hoping the same won’t happen to him. 

Needless to say, My Favorite Color and Benji complement each other well in this song and I’d love to hear the two collaborate more down the road. 

Go! is an ambitious first step from newcomer My Favorite Color and at this point, with his lyricism and a production group as tight as One800, the sky seems to be the limit.  The foundation has been laid and the anticipation for his next release will continue to grow. 

Pittsburgh meet your new favorite color. 

Key Tracks: Bad, Dollars, TwoFive

Go! is the first album by Pittsburgh based rapper My Favorite Color.  The album is available on all music platforms where music is streamed. 

 Dollars Music Video

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