Lyn Starr wants you to stop asking why he doesn’t sing a lot anymore. The Pittsburgh based
rapper/producer went to college for music, is classically trained and for most of his life has received
instruction in singing.
But now-a-days, his attention and passions lie in hip hop and that isn’t changing anytime soon.
“A lot of people ask me why I don’t sing a lot anymore, and in all reality…. I just want to spit mad
bars,” says Starr. “You know that old school hip hop shit where you show off your bars… That’s
where my love for hip hop is and when it comes to bars, it’s sitting in and showing people what the
fuck I can do with my lyrics.”
That’s not to say that Starr has completely forgotten his roots. He began singing at a young age with
much encouragement from his parents.
“I just started singing around the house and remember my mom going, ‘Oh, I guess you do have a
nice little voice,” says Starr. “They enrolled me in a music camp and one day my dad came to pick
me up and heard someone singing and the councilor told him it was me and he immediately called
my mom and told her oh shit he can actually sing.”
Starr continued his music education. He trained in jazz and attended Rogers CAPA Middle School
and CAPA High School. He graduated from Seton Hill University and studied vocal performance
“I loved hip hop, but never really got into it until I was about 15 and the person who inspired me the
most was Donald Glover,” says Starr. “I was acting and singing… Everything besides rapping and
I’m listening to Donald and this dude had it all… And the one thing I was missing was rap.”
He hasn’t stopped rapping since and has continued to approach this music with a sharp focus.
“When I was 15, I don’t know man, I just knew I wanted to rap,” says Starr. “I don’t give a fuck
about this singing shit. I still sing sometimes, but rap just came and grabbed that spotlight.”
He has since created his record label, High Five Productions. High Five Productions became an
official LLC this past year.
“We are a multi-disciplinary media company and we just focus on putting out dope quality art,”
says Starr. “Whether its music, videos, cover art…. Anything that we can come up with that we
have the ability to create.”
High Five Productions is only the beginning of Starr’s dive into the music industry. With plans of
moving to Las Angeles this June, Starr and his small but mighty team is full throttle ahead for 2019.
“2018 was pushing strong, I scheduled so much that year. I curated 15 events, dropped an EP filmed
some music videos and traveled a lot,” says Starr. “It was consistent, that’s what I’m proud of from
this past year. Being consistently in peoples’ faces and showing them that I am serious.”

Starr acts as a member of the administrative team as well as an artist. As an artist, Starr is
imaginative and for the majority of the songs he releases, a music video follows.
These aren’t your grab an iPhone and film the artist lip synching and throwing the track back over
the video. The execution of these videos and quality show and reflect the devotion Starr has to his
“The video that you see is exactly what I’m hearing when I write the songs. That’s the best way for
me to portray it to you,” says Starr. “Lately I’ve been realizing that sometimes people aren’t always
reliable so I’ve actually shot and edited on my own. So the next few videos are all me, it’s going to
be crazy as hell.”
This year is full of hope and optimism for High Five Productions as they prepare to make the move
to LA this summer. That said, Starr knows Pittsburgh made him who he is today.
“Pittsburgh, shit, it’s cliché, but its home,” says Starr. No matter what type of beef I have with this
city, at the end of the day, it taught me how to maneuver… It’s taught me everything.”
The art scene in Pittsburgh gave Starr a stepping stone and is something he’ll always hold close.
“No matter the love or hate I have for the scene here, at the end of the day, we love each other. It’s
Pittsburgh and we’ll always have that bond.”


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