By Rocco Falleti/ Contributor @ Reviving Real

DanSully is a 20 year old producer and jazz pianist hailing from Hollisdaysburg, PA. The producer’s latest EP, in collaboration with Jake Barber on saxophone has a little jazz, a bit of hip hop and a whole lot of soulful melodies.

Though jazz might not always be at the center of the world as it once was, DanSully’s mission with his music is loud and clear.

“We wanted to make jazz more appealing to the modern audience and show our range of different ways we could twist jazz,” DanSully says.

The album opens up with a silky smooth roll call (Jazz Cypher) highlighting all involved with the project. Tracks like “Doom” and “Lo-Bop” DanSully and Barber blur the lines of the relationship jazz and hip hop often share.

DanSully runs an independent operation and his care and attention to detail are evident in his careful crafting of this short yet fulfilling EP.

“We recorded all of Jake’s sax in my room with just an SM57 mic, no studio or anything,” DanSully says. “No studio or anything.”

For those looking for a gateway into the world of jazz but still wanting to stick to their roots, look no further and give “Sullivan Meets Barber” a listen


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